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A quote that sums up feelings, fear and future outcomes.



A Case of the Lazies


If it is not obvious enough, Ashley and Brianna have been doing all the work around here. They have been writing amazing, beautiful, delicious articles for months now and they really do deserve more credit than I can give.

Yeah, I know. You haven’t seen my name pop up recently. I have been doing a terrible job at keeping up with my blog posts. I’m really sorry. Sadly, my personal blog has gone downhill, too. I honestly think it is because I spent so many years looking at my computer while finishing up my degrees that I no longer take interest in opening up this thing. That or I really need a desk to sit at. Either way, I need to get over this slight hiatus because I still want to blog and begin a career in the entertainment industry as a social media coordinator.

I’ve also become a Debbie Downer. I’ve become unsocial, unhappy, and a tad bit cranky. No, I did not recently have a reality check. I have known that I needed to change but I just did not know how or feel like changing. Now, I sort of do. At least, I really want to try.

So, with that being said, I will try to commit to my weekly fashion and DIY posts along with more music, some book reviews, and small updates on my journey to becoming a better person.

♡ Jessica C.

Make Your Dreams Come True Day

10869994_f70ef6bc01 Photo Credit: ~C4Chaos via Compfight cc

Yes, another unofficial holiday.
However, I think you should consider celebrating this one. I don’t mean in a tradition sense- with a party. To celebrate today, write down some small goals that will lead up to making your dreams come true. Here are mine:

1. Get a job to pay off credit cards
2. Pay off Credit Card #1
3. Pay off Credit Card #2
4. Pay off Credit Card #3
5. Look for specific job to become career
6. Continue to pay student loans
7. Buy first car
8. Get apartment (or consider a home in La Vegas)
9. Make job a career that will utilize both degrees
10. Travel the world

My biggest dream is to travel the world. With these small steps, once day I will have an amazing career that will let me travel the world. Til then, I have bills to pay… (I was a bad girl to have taken out 3 credit cards.)