Song of the Day: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – “James Dean”

Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – “James Dean”


Throwback Thursday Song of the Day: Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

Music video by Destiny’s Child performing Say My Name.


Song of the Day: The Fire – Kina Grannis

The Fire – Kina Grannis (Official Lyric Video)

Official Website:

Also, check out her mashup with MAX

“The Fire” / “Darling” Mashup – Kina Grannis & MAX


Beige Beauty

Christian Cathor Handbag

Rag Bone sheer white tank top

Donna karan blazer
$3.37 –

Fresh Made shorts
$35 –

Tan shoes
$82 –

Stainless steel watch

Chanel pendant

AllSaints silk shawl

Song of the Day: Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

The official video for Two Door Cinema Club’s new single ‘What You Know’ released in the UK on 7th February 2011. Taken from their debut album ‘Tourist History’ on Kitsuné/Co-Op.…

Five Uses for Coconut Oil


1. Cooking

Cooking with coconut oil gives food a wonderful coconut flavor. The oil also has a high burning point, which is perfect for cooking in a pan.


2. Oil Pulling

Coconut oil kills odor-causing bacteria in the mouth while also removing stains and plaque from teeth.


3. Makeup Remover

Coconut oil is a natural and chemical-free way to remove makeup.


4. Scars and Stretch Marks

It has been said, with continued use, that coconut oil can reduced the sight of scars and stretch marks.


5. Hot Coconut Oil Treatment for Hair

Heated coconut oil heals unhealthy hair and gives it new life.

Summer Hair Mask

DIY: Summer Hair Mask

Contouring: One Way Doesn’t Fit All


Contouring is a vital step when applying make up because it can either empathize or conceal your features. The chart above demonstrates how to easily contour your face based on its unique shape. If you’re like me, you constantly see one way of contouring your make up. In so many ways, this is wrong. I know just by looking at my own face that I shouldn’t be following how another girl contours her own because more than likely we have a different facial shape.

This chart above should also be taken with a grain of salt because you may have features you want to minimize like a large nose or wide forehead.  Personally, I want to minimize the dimple on my chin and I do this by blending the darker and lighter color together. (I always add a little more of the darker shade.)  My best advice is to learn your face shape and go from there.

But in the meantime, this chart is a great BASIC learning tool on what contouring is and how it helps define your face.

  1. To start, you will need two shades of foundation, one that is one shade lighter than your skin and another that is one shade darker. (Lighter shade highlights and the darker conceals.)
  2. Next, completely cover your face with the lighter shade.
  3. Then, follow the chart and apply the darker shade everywhere you see color on the chart.
  4. After, blend the two shades together where they meet. Try not to apply the foundation in a streak like pattern, instead make small cross or x patterns. This will help you blend your make up easier and help prevent a streaky finish.


White Out

White Out

Twist It Up


Easy French Twist Tutorial