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Make Your Dreams Come True Day

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Yes, another unofficial holiday.
However, I think you should consider celebrating this one. I don’t mean in a tradition sense- with a party. To celebrate today, write down some small goals that will lead up to making your dreams come true. Here are mine:

1. Get a job to pay off credit cards
2. Pay off Credit Card #1
3. Pay off Credit Card #2
4. Pay off Credit Card #3
5. Look for specific job to become career
6. Continue to pay student loans
7. Buy first car
8. Get apartment (or consider a home in La Vegas)
9. Make job a career that will utilize both degrees
10. Travel the world

My biggest dream is to travel the world. With these small steps, once day I will have an amazing career that will let me travel the world. Til then, I have bills to pay… (I was a bad girl to have taken out 3 credit cards.)