Coconut Cream Breakfast Bowl

One thing I really miss since doing this cleanse is greek yogurt. I used to eat greek yogurt bowls for breakfast almost everyday. Granted that as in the warmer months because who wants a cold breakfast in the middle on winter in the Pacific Northwest?  Today, however, I awoke with the familiar craving of yogurt and fruit. (more…)


Spinach and Potato Frittata

Pinterest is a wonderful thing, I owe a ton of my recipes to the faithful women of Pinterest slaving away in their kitchens day after day (not unlike myself). Sometimes I come across a recipe that is so perfect, so easy and turns out exactly like the photoshopped picture that I rejoice! Other times, not so much. (more…)

Chicken Enchiladas

Growing up in California, Mexican food is a staple in my diet. I could eat Mexican food everyday and be perfectly happy about it, especially enchiladas. There’s just something about the simplicity of them, but the best part, hands down, is definitely the sauce! Oh the sauce, with its subtle spice and bold flavor, I could spoon feed it to myself…maybe with some guac. (more…)

3 Ingredient Coconut shrimp

When I was a kid, I dreaded the houses on halloween that gave out the mounds and almond joys. The reason? Well, for one, my big sister loved both of those candies and would steel all of mine, without a proper candy swap. Rude. Two: I hated coconut. Since my trick-or-treating, pillow case-slinging days, my palate has matured (or as Dr Drew likes to say, muh-two-erd).  (more…)