I Tried Cheap Ways to Cover Roots (So You Don’t Have To)

I remember in fourth grade when I so desperately wanted chunky caramel brown highlights in my hair. Luckily, my mother refused to let me look like a smushed Twix bar. Flash forward fourteen years and here I am, forced to dye my hair to cover clusters of stubborn grays. And, let me tell you, dying your hair isn’t as fun as it seemed. For one obvious reason, that sh*t is expensive! As a cheaper alternative between salon visits, I experimented with two touch-up methods and, well, you’ll see…



Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Look

It’s been months and I’m still stuck on that Shaaanxo Palette. Am I alone in this?!

Also, did anyone else notice the packaging similarities between the Shan Palette & the Kyshadows that sold out in one minute, today?

We have another chance for that on Friday, ladies, but that’s another blog post. For today, I’ll focus on this golden summer look I created last week.


DIY Hair Mask

A white drawstring trash bag clings to my shoulders like Superman’s cape. My hair is a sopping, slimey mess as I attempt to peel the stubborn plastic from my shoulders and wrap it around my head. Coconut oil runs down my back as I feverishly try to finish this task before someone finds me hovering in the kitchen, greasy and flushed, wearing workout gear and orange zebra striped socks with slip-resistant Skechers on my feet– in true Michael Jackson fashion.

…Let’s back up.


Lazy Girl Makeup Tutorial

I came across MUA Desi Perkins’ snapchat the other day and her gorgeous self shared her “lazy girl makeup” tutorial. Thus, this blog post on quick tricks, ‘lazy’ makeup and speedy mornings came to mind– I’ll love to share mine with you and hear yours, as well!


Southwest Corn and Black Bean Quesadillas

I probably don’t know you, but I’d bet you enjoy a quesadilla now and then because you probably love cheese. Who doesn’t? Cheese is like a solid hunk of love and happiness just waiting to be consumed. Melt it up and you’ve got liquid gold. Add it to just about anything and whatever you were cooking is easily 1000x better. Mix it in with pico de gallo, black beans and roasted corn, wrap some tortillas around it and you’ve got a mean meal. Cheese, you could say, makes life just a little bit better. (more…)

New Wet N’ Wild Collection

I swear, I can spend forever just strolling through the makeup aisles of CVS. I do the same at ULTA and Sephora (when my wallet permits), but there’s never any crowds there and I hunt for BOGO deals and discounts. Have you ever noticed that drugstores will have their regular makeup sections for brands (Maybelline, Covergirl, Wet N’ Wild, etc.) and then another stand for featured, new products? After 20 minutes of walking around, I spotted a new Wet N’ Wild setup of colorful, liquid eyeliners and highlighters.


DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Remember when we were kids and every year in school we would have arts & crafts to create our parents gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Those were the easy days. Now we take them out to brunch, buy them gifts, or tidy up their home just to say thank you for birthing us. (more…)

Saturday Styles in LA 5/7

You would think being born and raised in California that I would prefer to be in the sun, enjoying the warm weather in a bikini and on the sand. Nope! I love the cold, rainy weather. I love layers and warm cozy sweaters. I do not know how I would do living in an area that snows though; that may be a little too cold. (more…)

Mini MAC Haul

Let’s talk makeup trends that aren’t going anywhere: MAC makeup, poppin’ highlights and smokey eyes. Let’s review the ever-popular MAC highlight and new MAC exclusive smokey eyeshadow palette.


Skinny Chicken Salad

With summer just around the corner and an abundance of days spent in swimsuits, it’s that time of year to (kind of) watch what we eat. And by watch what we eat, I mean, let’s substitute the mayonnaise for greek yogurt and call it a day.  (more…)