“Skylie” Blue Lipsticks 

Kylie Jenner announced on Snapchat last night that she’s releasing two new liquid lipsticks on Friday.

Following the release of her recent black lipsticks metallic “Ky Majesty” and matte “Dead of Knight,” Kylie’s two new shades are unconventional, but not completely unmatched.



Saturday Styles in LA 5/7

You would think being born and raised in California that I would prefer to be in the sun, enjoying the warm weather in a bikini and on the sand. Nope! I love the cold, rainy weather. I love layers and warm cozy sweaters. I do not know how I would do living in an area that snows though; that may be a little too cold. (more…)

$6 Liquid Lipsticks that are Worth Every Penny

Hello, everyone! I hope your Easter weekend was enjoyable and filled with lots of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. *Drools at 8 a.m. over candy* I recently purchased the Hard Candy “Velvet Mousse” Liquid Lipstick and I recommend you run out and buy it now, now, now! Here’s why.


Saturday Styles in LA 2/13

Everyone is wondering, “What happened to El Nino?” Yeah, me too! I just bought a utility jacket that I actually like and now it’s waay too hot to even wear it (sad face.) And I don’t want to shave my legs to wear shorts. (more…)

DIY Lace Bralette

Come on, you’ve seen them worn in many cute ways. Or just worn. AND in many cute forms! BUT have you considered making your own to save some money or to create them in your size? (more…)

Saturday Styles in LA 1/23

It will be a lovely 66º here in Los Angeles, but hey! It’s California so there is a chance that it could actually get warmer by the middle of the day. (more…)

Saturday Styles in LA 1/16

I am loving this cold weather in Southern California. Today Los Angeles will be a lovely, yet chilly 66º! That means keep your cool weather clothing out longer and continue those cute layered outfits. (more…)

Saturday Styles in LA 11/6

Well happy Saturday!
I know I said I’d post my rave outfit last weekend and that I’d try to post a ‘Get Rave Ready With Me’ video for Youtube. Well, last weekend had a lot of bumps! Oh well, I promise a next time. I’ll post my rave outfits on my personal website soon. (more…)

Saturday Styles in LA 10/24 [Halloween Edition P. 1]

Goooood morning friends!

Today I wanted to give you some ideas on simple costumes to put together for parties or clubs. I know that throughout the month there will be a lot of Halloween related events going on and you definitely don’t need to spend a lot of $$ to look good!

Last year I made one post with my top 5 costume ideas. It was super simple, low budget ideas. This year I am going to have TWO posts. However, I want to include some ideas for clubbing and work contests.

Next week I’ll show you some expensive, extensive, OUTRAGEOUS costumes. I’ll even include some rave costumes and give you a look into what I am wearing this year and what I wore last year for Escape From Wonderland.


How delicious is this ice cream costume? It’s simple, cute, and creative!
Totally ideal for a office work costume.


Want to swim in the ocean in Flounder? Here’s a quick ensemble!
This can totally be changed up with a mermaid scale skirt, scrunch bikini bottoms, or high waisted shorts- all can be found on club wear sites and in few club wear stores.


Get a bestie to dress as Mike Wisowsky and you’d be a great pair!
This could even be changed up with purple shorts. Don’t forget about the pig tails.


This is super cute for a night at the club. Easy to get the corset from intimate clothing stores but a little time consuming to add the tiger stripes.


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice!
Get the girl posse together for something new. This look can go many ways. Dresses, tutus, corsets, high waisted shorts, scrunch bikini bottoms… The sky is the limit!


Woof woof!
Another one for the girl groups. Quick to put together and fun when all the girls start acting like goof balls!

Saturday Styles in LA 10/10

What a difference this weekend is compared to last weekend! I’m definitely already missing the cool weather! I have all these cute jackets waiting for the clouds and cool breezes to come back. Until then, I guess we’ll have to enjoy the warmth.

Los Angeles 95º


How about today we try a cute, thin, flowery kimono with a solid or graphic tank and chiffon shorts? Don’t forget to add flashy accessories to complete the outfit!

This set will definitely keep you cool and stylish in this heat.