DIY Book Wall Decor

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How cute is this wall decor!?


(Below is my Spanish to English translation of the tutorial.)


5 shoe box lids (amount can vary based on how long you want it)
A book, photocopies, or music scores
A pencil
A black marker
Black vinyl paint or spray paint
White Glue
A paint brush
A plastic container


1. Paint the edges with black

2. Pour glue and a little water into the plastic container. Paint glue onto the lids. Then press the papers onto the lids.

3. Once the glue has dried, plot your drawing using a pencil. Then go over it with a black marker.

4. Once you’ve finished your drawing, apply a layer of glue to each of the lids. When they are dry, apply another layer and let it dry again.


Clear & Calm

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ANYTHING but Plain
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I Didn’t Say Banana

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Upcycle Your Bicycle or Get the Look Here

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