DIY Hair Mask

A white drawstring trash bag clings to my shoulders like Superman’s cape. My hair is a sopping, slimey mess as I attempt to peel the stubborn plastic from my shoulders and wrap it around my head. Coconut oil runs down my back as I feverishly try to finish this task before someone finds me hovering in the kitchen, greasy and flushed, wearing workout gear and orange zebra striped socks with slip-resistant Skechers on my feet– in true Michael Jackson fashion.

…Let’s back up.



Lazy Girl Makeup Tutorial

I came across MUA Desi Perkins’ snapchat the other day and her gorgeous self shared her “lazy girl makeup” tutorial. Thus, this blog post on quick tricks, ‘lazy’ makeup and speedy mornings came to mind– I’ll love to share mine with you and hear yours, as well!



Red, White and Blue Manicure

I’ve found the perfect red nail polish and you know I’ve got to share it with you!



“Skylie” Blue Lipsticks 

Kylie Jenner announced on Snapchat last night that she’s releasing two new liquid lipsticks on Friday.

Following the release of her recent black lipsticks metallic “Ky Majesty” and matte “Dead of Knight,” Kylie’s two new shades are unconventional, but not completely unmatched.



Shaaanxo Palette Looks (Finally!)

I’m sorry to say this, Too Faced, but I’ve moved on (for now). I’ve replaced the heavenly Chocolate Bar palette in my everyday looks with the BH Shaaanxo Palette and created some night out looks along the way.



Summer Nails 

As a child did you ever paint your nails different colors? Each lacquered fingernail boasting a different color, gleaming in the light?



New Wet N’ Wild Collection

I swear, I can spend forever just strolling through the makeup aisles of CVS. I do the same at ULTA and Sephora (when my wallet permits), but there’s never any crowds there and I hunt for BOGO deals and discounts. Have you ever noticed that drugstores will have their regular makeup sections for brands (Maybelline, Covergirl, Wet N’ Wild, etc.) and then another stand for featured, new products? After 20 minutes of walking around, I spotted a new Wet N’ Wild setup of colorful, liquid eyeliners and highlighters.



BOGO Masks at ULTA

As much as I love BOGO sales, they are rare these days! So while this mask deal at ULTA isn’t buy-one-get-one-FREE, you get one for 50% off which is still a beauty steal!



Three Important Makeup Steps You Don’t Want to Forget 

You’re applying the last flick of mascara to your lashes when you remember… You forgot to use that new kick ass primer that you just bought. Let me tell you, this blog post definitely comes from personal experience. I just wanted to share a back-to-basics post with you about the importance of three steps we, or at least I, often overlook.



Amazon Makeup Brush Under $2, too good to be true? 

Hello, beauties! Let me tell you, I’m behind on my beauty posts! I have so much to share with you- I have beauty products in my drawer just waiting to be reviewed, swatched and discussed! Today, I pulled this sleek and slim makeup brush that I bought off Amazon about a month ago and decided to test it out and review!