Author: Ashley Ruiz

Ashley Ruiz is a southern California native. She enjoys reading in her free time and has a passion for writing human interest features, beauty articles and most recently screen plays. She graduated from Cal State Fullerton University and in May with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in Radio-TV-Film. Ashley has been published in Cal State Fullerton's newspaper, The Daily Titan and literary magazine, Tusk. She was also the Features Editor at Orange Coast College's newspaper The Coast Report. In the summer of 2014, Ashley studied literary journalism in Valencia, Spain and improved on her story telling and photography skills. In the fall she interned at online clothing boutique, Shop D&J, where she helped plan events and wrote several beauty and fashion blogs. You can find her work at ShopD&, and her own blog:

Why I Won’t Use St. Ives Apricot Face Wash Again

Dear St. Ives Apricot Scrub,

We need to talk. We’ve been together for a long time. From my high school days through my mid-twenties. But. I’ve met someone else.



You Need to Read This 

A quote that sums up feelings, fear and future outcomes.


Colourpop “Foxy” Minis Mania 

I’ll be honest. I only wanted this kit of liquid lipsticks because of the name. My dog’s name is Foxy, if you didn’t know. That being said, I like the products, too, so that’s nice! Click for swatches & a little {unwanted} opinion~


Are Lash Extensions for You?

I apologize for the beauty hiatus, readers! I got a new job and I’m adjusting to a new schedule and working to fit blogging into the mix. So let’s talk about this new job– it’s a far commute that requires me to wake up early and for a beauty-lovin’ later gator like me this posed a challenge. Luckily, I knew one solution…


Makeup Bundles at Bargain Prices

Holiday season is here and it’s my favorite because of the lights, the food, the spirit, the movies, the cold 72 degree weather we get here (brr…) and holiday gift sets.

Ah, everything good comes out in this season– the best perfume, cosmetic and beauty packages together at nifty prices that you are expected to purchase as gifts for yourself someone else. Ba Humbug.


Best Wig @ the Best Price

Skip the ultra shiny wig that you have to wait in lines at Party City for, I’ve got you covered.


Makeup Your Soul

Eyelashes, concealer, foundation, lip liner, gloss and highlight mean nothing if you don’t feel good on the inside. Today’s post is a little different, but a lot necessary in a society where we often praise and recognize outer beauty more than inner (I’ve been guilty of this).


The MAC Selena Collection is Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb

The limited-edition Selena collection by MAC is so beautiful that I might just display it as a trophy on my vanity (that I’ve yet to purchase) and let others admire it from afar. This sounds ridiculous, but have you ever bought makeup that is just too pretty to use?!


The $2 Eyeliner You Need 

I’m a liquid eyeliner fan all the way. Pencil liner never works out for me, marker liner seems deceivingly easy (but I know better) and the paint pot liner terrifies me.


Beauty Essentials for the Active Traveler 

I’m usually a “girly girl.” I shy away from activity that makes me sweat in almost all situations. However, I went to Kauai last week and I let that part of me fly away with the Hawaiian breeze.