12 Shade Palette for $5


While I love many of the affordable NYC makeup products, I’ve never tried their eyeshadow. I decided to give the “Lovatics by Demi Lovato” palette a try and for a mere .42 cents per shadow, I was not disappointed.

Did you see how hard I geeked out right there. 12 shadows, 5 dollars, 42 cents each… Let’s move on.

I purchased the Demi Lovato collab. palette from Walmart, but you can find it online too!

I definitely see a resemblance between the NYC shades and the Urban Decay Naked Palettes. Unfortunately, even just from these screen shots I feel like you can see the creaminess of the Naked shadows in comparison to the NYC, but five times the cost is pretty steep.

**Please note, the NYC shadows aren’t as metallic as they appear. I prefer this!**


I’ll be honest. My first attempt at the NYC Palette didn’t go well. I loaded up on eyeshadow primer and the eyeshadow creased heavily. This was my mistake, however. Too much primer, a heavy hand and pigmented products doesn’t make for a good look. I took a deep breath, wiped my eyeshadow off (that hurt to even type) and started again.

This time I used a softer shade of beige / grey, breige (?),  for the crease.


Here’s a breakdown: base (1), initial crease (2), crease edge // blended inwards (3). Lastly, add the shimmery pink to the inner corner.

I’m working on starting more short video tutorials, as well… Is this something you’d like to see?! It’s definitely a challenge to apply makeup in front of a camera, but I’ll give it a try eventually!

All in all, I have been using the palette for the past week. I’ve even used the shimmery pink shadow as a highlight (and loved it). I haven’t experimented too heavily with the darker colors, but I will.

What’s your favorite neutral palette?

Until next week,






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