I Tried Cheap Ways to Cover Roots (So You Don’t Have To)

I remember in fourth grade when I so desperately wanted chunky caramel brown highlights in my hair. Luckily, my mother refused to let me look like a smushed Twix bar. Flash forward fourteen years and here I am, forced to dye my hair to cover clusters of stubborn grays. And, let me tell you, dying your hair isn’t as fun as it seemed. For one obvious reason, that sh*t is expensive! As a cheaper alternative between salon visits, I experimented with two touch-up methods and, well, you’ll see…

I don’t know what was worse, the L’Oreal “Root Cover Up” or the “Cover Your Gray Pro.” That’s a lie. The lipstick container of waxy brown goo was far worse. I do know that despite the cons, I would {reluctantly} choose the L’Oreal over unwanted silver hairs. It sounds so much more dignified when you say silver. (Sigh). Let’s get into the deets:


L’Oreal Root Cover Up 

This concealer spray has an interesting nozzle that resembles keyboard cleaner more than it does a spray that you’re trying to point at your noggin and paint with. Beware as it splashes down to your face easily during application– luckily, it wipes off easily.


L’Oreal, if you’re reading this, Uncle Jesse was onto something. #MeAF

 The color selection seemed wide with six colors, but the light to medium brown is dark. If you have light brown hair, I suggest the “dark blonde” color, as silly as it sounds.

The spray does provide sufficient coverage, but unlike the can describes, it doesn’t, in fact, dry “in a flash,  last one shampoo or feel lightweight.” It makes hair feel slightly crunchy and matted down. Alsoooo, if you scratch your head, I can’t promise you that you won’t have brown dye on your nails after.

TL;DR {Too Long; Didn’t Read}: This spray concealer is best used for an updo such as a bun or pony tail. You can use the texture to your advantage as it will keep your hair pulled back and get the job done.


Available in three shades: Dark Brown, Light Brown/ Blonde and Medium Brown, the color variation wasn’t the only huge problem for me. It was the waxy texture that made me feel like I was rubbing a glue stick on my head. In addition to that, it has the same negatives as the spray. It doesn’t completely dry, leaves hair looking funky on top and contaminates your new mani.

These drugstore products didn’t exactly suffice, but I’ll keep searching for the perfect solution to tame roots between salon visits. Please comment with any tips you may have!

Until next week, Ashleysita (@ashleysitasays Twitter & Instagram).



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