DIY Hair Mask

A white drawstring trash bag clings to my shoulders like Superman’s cape. My hair is a sopping, slimey mess as I attempt to peel the stubborn plastic from my shoulders and wrap it around my head. Coconut oil runs down my back as I feverishly try to finish this task before someone finds me hovering in the kitchen, greasy and flushed, wearing workout gear and orange zebra striped socks with slip-resistant Skechers on my feet– in true Michael Jackson fashion.

…Let’s back up.

It’s 10:45 p.m. and I’m happily ejecting the Cize workout DVD (trainer Shaun T’s latest venture) out of the Playstation. After weeks of saying that I’ll keep up with my workouts, this is my numero uno. I attempt to run my fingers through my wasp’s nest of hair and realize, for the thousandth time, just how dry it is. I can’t take it anymore.  I rush to the kitchen where the coconut oil stares at me. “I can fix that,” it says. “I can fix anything.”


I’ve finally wrapped the Kirkland trash bag around my hair and secured it with a hair tie. I’m not usually embarrassed in front of my boyfriend, but I quickly question whether I want to allow him to see me this way. I toss my blue, satin shower cap over my head to conceal the monstrosity that is my hair. Now I’m a Cone Head.

I stew in front of my laptop, after an hour, the clock strikes midnight, and you know what that means. This Cinderella is ready… to rinse the coconut oil out of hair.

I’m scared that I’ll be in the shower, scrubbing the glop out of my hair for hours. I consider telling my boyfriend to send for help if I don’t come out in the next 30 minutes.

My hair still feels like straw so I use conditioner first, hoping to detangle the stubborn mop. In retrospect, I probably should have brushed my hair before adding this hair mask, but whatever. I reach for the shampoo and the mess is evaporating surprisingly easy! Butttt, it still feels dry.

The next day my hair feels more smooth and hydrated!

I’m definitely going to keep up on this hair treatment, but next time I’ll be more careful not to get it in my roots.

Have you tried this before ?

Until next week, Ashleysita (@ashleysitasays)


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