Lazy Girl Makeup Tutorial

I came across MUA Desi Perkins’ snapchat the other day and her gorgeous self shared her “lazy girl makeup” tutorial. Thus, this blog post on quick tricks, ‘lazy’ makeup and speedy mornings came to mind– I’ll love to share mine with you and hear yours, as well!

So Desi’s “quick toot” or quick tutorial included a low bun with a few waved front strands, eyelashes and a good brow. I forgot to creepily screen shot her picture so here is a somewhat similar look.bee25fbef814297f6282b24c365204f3

I tried this look and was surprisingly pleased with the outcome, besides the fact that my hair is long so my loose strands were not cute. You can imagine.

My version of a lazy girl, I-need-to-get-ready-now-or-I’ll-be-left-behind look usually consists of two scenarios.

Scenario One


Bold lip, usually red, a sock bun or top knot (with wet hair) and false lashes if I have the time/patience/willpower.

Scenario Two (A):

I pull my hair back into a low pony then quickly curl the ends with my wand and neutral lips with false lashes.

Scenario Two (B):


How do Two A & B differ, you ask? It’s simple, truthful and kinda gross– when I’ve skipped a hair wash, I’ll toss it up in a slicked back pony tail with curled ends and repeat makeup as above. Hey, you wanted the truth!

What are your favorite looks for a busy morning?

Until next week, Ashleysita (@ashleysitasays)


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