“Skylie” Blue Lipsticks 

Kylie Jenner announced on Snapchat last night that she’s releasing two new liquid lipsticks on Friday.

Following the release of her recent black lipsticks metallic “Ky Majesty” and matte “Dead of Knight,” Kylie’s two new shades are unconventional, but not completely unmatched.

First came black, then came… blue.

Kylie strategically released these cool shades in time for Fourth of July, but while they look great on the celeb beauty, I’m not sure I can run around with blue lips!

Judging by the Snapchats, two NYX dupes instantly came to mind. I couldn’t help but wonder what the two new blue lipsticks, “Skylie” and “Freedom” would look like mixed together. I have a feeling it would like similar to NYX Liquid Suede lipstick, “Stone Fox.”

I’ll be honest, I’m in favor of the “Skylie” bright blue lipstick but am I willing to spend the $30 for the lip kit? No, I’ll stick with the $6.99 NYX “Little Denim Dress,” Liquid Suede Lipstick and save my Kylie money for a more wearable shade.

What do you think of the new colors?! Let me know in the comments below. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter @ashleysitasays and tag me in your Fourth of July makeup looks!

Until next week, Ashleysita.


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