Shaaanxo Palette Looks (Finally!)

I’m sorry to say this, Too Faced, but I’ve moved on (for now). I’ve replaced the heavenly Chocolate Bar palette in my everyday looks with the BH Shaaanxo Palette and created some night out looks along the way.

Here are the eyeshadows I use the most often. I also love the burgundy, blue brown shadow used in the “Edgy” look (below). I can’t get over the iridescence of it- it reminds me of a loose powder I have from MAC! And the light orangey yellow is the perfect crease color.

The lipsticks colors are beautiful and last about three hours, but I’ll be honest, I don’t use them that often. They’re semi-difficult to apply and reapplication requires toting the palette around.

Warm Neutral







Which look is your favorite? Tag me in your Shaaanxo posts, I’d love to see your take on the palette!

Until next week,  Ashleysita.


**Special thanks to Arielle from the blog, With All My Affection, for inspiring / suggesting this post!


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