Three Important Makeup Steps You Don’t Want to Forget 

You’re applying the last flick of mascara to your lashes when you remember… You forgot to use that new kick ass primer that you just bought. Let me tell you, this blog post definitely comes from personal experience. I just wanted to share a back-to-basics post with you about the importance of three steps we, or at least I, often overlook.

Prep your skin with a makeup primer, to help your foundation go on smooth and last! I’m a little late on this band wagon, but I recently started using the Maybelline Master Prime ($8) and I love it!

It’s a liquid base that glides on easily and feels lightweight. I let this dry for a few seconds before applying my face makeup.

Next, don’t forget to prime your eyelids for long-lasting eyeshadow! Primers help even the longest lasting shadows to last even longer. Another late-to-the-party product I’ve been using is the Mac Paint Pot in “Soft Ochre” ($22).

I’m convinced this is the Mary Poppins of primers because I feel like this product is going to last me forever!! It is worth every penny because I estimate that I’ll have it for at least two years! This product actually inspired this post. After a full day of work, working out and rubbing my eyes, my shadow and liner stayed completely put! My Sephora Liquid Liner faded a bit while I was rubbing my eyes, but it didn’t smear. In the words of Meghan Trainor, I’m all about that base– and this one takes the cake.

In that last second, before you rush out the door, don’t forget to spritz your face with a setting spray!

At $8 this NYX Matte Setting spray helps keep my face in place and smells just like the MAC one. They have sprays for different finishes, as well.

What are your top three suggestions for prepping, priming and setting your makeup? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next week, Ashleysita.

Lets connect on Insta & Twitter @ashleysitasays- I’d love to see your blogs as well!


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