Amazon Makeup Brush Under $2, too good to be true? 

Hello, beauties! Let me tell you, I’m behind on my beauty posts! I have so much to share with you- I have beauty products in my drawer just waiting to be reviewed, swatched and discussed! Today, I pulled this sleek and slim makeup brush that I bought off Amazon about a month ago and decided to test it out and review!

I bought mine for $1.89 and I was definitely hesitant. But, the reviews were great, surprisingly, and it was a bargain. You can find the brush here, for $1!

img_1120 img_1118
The brush is about palm sized and the bristles are oh so smooth. It worked very well at smoothing out my makeup and blending out my foundation. One or two small bristles fell off, but they were easy to flick off and didn’t irritate my skin.

img_1116Although the brush is cheap, it doesn’t feel like it! It’s small handle is the perfect size to grasp and its sturdy- the handle doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap on you.

I recommend it if you want to test out this brush without spending too much!

img_1127 img_1124
Ignore my red nose, I’m beyond sunburned right now and there’s just some things that makeup and a kick ass brush can’t fix!

Until next week, Ashleysita

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  1. Ooh I want it 😍 Do you know how it compares to the beauty blender for applying foundation? I like the finish the beauty blender gives me better than a brush, but I’m not sure if that’s just because of the brushes I have!

    1. That is such a good question, I’m going to edit my blog to add that in! This brush actually had a smoother finish for me than the beauty blender did and it’s less work because you just smooth it around your face rather than stippling with the BB! Often times the BB would give my face too much of a dewey look and I felt this provided more of a matte finish, also!

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