DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

Remember when we were kids and every year in school we would have arts & crafts to create our parents gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? Those were the easy days. Now we take them out to brunch, buy them gifts, or tidy up their home just to say thank you for birthing us.

If you’re one of the few lucky ones who have paid of their parents home or car, or even bought them one of those luxuries… you da best. One day I hope to be able to do something like that for my parents. They deserve it.

Until then, while I am unemployed again and apartment hunting, my mama is getting something homemade. You know, those gifts made with extra love!

Below are some cute last minute, easy DIY gifts for mom.



Bath bombs in a jar

I’ve had this idea for my bathroom but I think it’d be a cute Mother’s Day gift as well.

Since it is last minute, go to the nearest Lush (or anywhere that sells bath bombs) and buy a collection to fill a jar. You can either collect some that color coordinate her bathroom or just combine random ones. Then add a bow!

Super cute and easy gift for mom to add to her bathroom decor!





Mani/ Pedi Beauty Jar

You can create a mani/ pedi gift set for mom by buying some cute nail polishes, a nail care set, and throw in a mini nail polish remover, and cotton balls.

This can actually contain any beauty items you want to put together for her.






Flattened flower book markers

I found this on Pinterest (like all my DIYs) and thought this was the cutest idea ever. While this week’s DIYs are last minute gifts for mom, this one will need a laminator and hole puncher.

I got the idea from spalvotasdryzuotas.blogspot but it’s in a different language. If you know how to work a laminator this will be a super easy project. Just grab some flowers and leaves, add it to the laminator jacket, push through the machine. Punch out a hole at the top then add some ribbon for an extra cute touch!






Photo vase


I don’t know why I like all these DIY gifts that are vases/ jars. It’s a super cute trend.

Add a special photo of you and your siblings, you and mom, you and dad, or just you!


For materials and instructions visit




Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers ♡


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