Mini MAC Haul

Let’s talk makeup trends that aren’t going anywhere: MAC makeup, poppin’ highlights and smokey eyes. Let’s review the ever-popular MAC highlight and new MAC exclusive smokey eyeshadow palette.

The “Soft and Gentle” MAC highlight ($32) will definitely give you a lasting glow. It’s very light and gives a strong shimmer. I normally use the BH Carli Bybel Palette highlighters, I love how smooth they glide on.

The MAC highlight glides on smooth and is highly buildable, but I wasn’t crazy about how sparkly it was. I’m growing to like it, but what I really like is that it stays on!


This color will compliment many skin colors because it’s translucent and gives a nice glow.

The “Smoky Metallic Times Nine” eyeshadow palette , a Macy’s exclusive ($32), contains the right amount of matte shadows and metallics for utmost versatility.


The lavender color is very sparkly, the black, top grey and pale pink are matte and the others have metallic sheens. These colors work well together and you can achieve more than a smokey look with them! I love how easily the shadows blend, it’s hard to find a good black shadow that isn’t streaky.

One of my favorite looks is the pale pink on the lid with the grey (top) in the crease and sometimes the black shadow on the outer corner for a smokey fade. 

Will you be purchasing any of these products, or do you have any favs to share? Comment below!

Until  next week,


@ashleysitasays (twitter & insta)



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