Kylie Glosses 

Kylie Jenner’s lip kit was an instant success, but she wasn’t stopping there. She added more colors, then glosses and now, metallic glosses. These lip kits are a hot commodity and while I haven’t managed to get my hands on the metallics (swoon), I snagged the “Like” gloss and I’m not disappointed.

I really liked all of the glosses, I mean they’re literally so cute. See what I did there?

After seeing Kylie’s metallic swatches snap chat, I did something I’m a little ashamed of… I downloaded the “Kylie” app. Sigh. I wanted the glosses that bad.

The next lip kit restock date on the app was set for Monday, April 11 at 1 pm. To my diasapointment, the metallics weren’t included in the restock but since I was already on the site, I picked a gloss at lightening speed and, after a few minutes in the waiting room, checked out.

 The lengthy applicator on the brush has been fixed and I found the gloss easy to apply. You can take your time with a lip liner for an exact look, but just brushing a bit on your lips and rubbing them together gives a shimmer to lips and doesn’t look splotchy.

I love that the gloss is pigmented and not too sticky. It’s fairly long lasting and when it begins to fade away, after about 2-3 hours, yhere is no sticky or splotchy remnants on lips.

There is a definite signature scent to the gloss- sweet as sugar. I compared the Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Lipsticks’ scent to this in another blog post. The Kylie gloss smells more of sweet icing while the Hard Candy one smells more subtly of vanilla cake.

Have you tried the glosses? What did you think?

Until next time- Ashleysita

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