Lash review 

From eyelash extensions to falsies and now to fiber lashes, there’s always SOME way to make your eyes pop.

ULTA is currently having a sale on the Physicians Formula Eye Booster Mascara for $8.99 instead of the usual $14.99 price tag. Similar to the Tarte Fiber Mascara ($21), I was a big fan of the mascara itself rather than the fuzzy fiber mascara.


This was my first time using the fiber wand and it was as I thought it would be, pretty terrifying. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have something in your eye and I was scared the mascara would incite this. Fortunately, after tapping the brush to get excess fibers off, my lashes looked good with little fall off.

I didn’t tap the brush as much as I should have and plan to do that next time. I’m also going to let the mascara dry in between coats so that I can load it on!

Next week, I’ll be doing a full comparison between the two mascaras mentioned so stay tuned!

Until next week, XO- Ashleysita


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