Faux Bangs Tutorial & Review

 You know those super awesome 15 second hair tutorial clips that pop up on Facebook and give you hope that you, too, can have awesome hair?! And then when you go to try it, it turns out a complete fail? I’ve been there, too. But, here’s my tried and true review of a faux bang hairstyle that I was actually pleased with.

Toronto lifestyle blogger Ashna‘s “Faux Fringe” Youtube video went pretty viral, being featured on Seventeen.com and numerous Facebook clips, etc. Here’s the full video in all its glory for those interested. I saw this clip while scrolling through my FB feed and mentally noted it as something I wanted to try. 

So here it is! There are variations on how to achieve this look, of course, but for someone who has long hair like me, this is the perfect example. If your hair is shorter, you can skip the pony tail altogether, if you like, and create bangs using leftover pieces from your bun! I recommend straightening it so that the pieces lay flat and using a comb helps to thicken the hair in front.


I cursed myself for straying from my single color auburn hair recently and adding an ombre/balayage. This style would have looked seamless if my ends weren’t so darn light, but I combatted the transition of color with a lacy black headband. On the plus side, the headband added to the look and allowed me to add volume to the top of my hair. It also covered my grey hairs like a charm.

So whether you’re con considering bangs or just looking to change up your style temporarily this is a fun and achievable way to do so!

Will you be trying this look?

Until next week, Ashleysita.


I’m still on the hunt for new beauty, food and lifestyle blogs to follow! Please feel free to comment with your blogs and social media tags below! I’m in between a brand makeup for myself, so please follow me on my newly updated Instagram & Twitter @AshleysitaSays!



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