DIY Succulent Plants

This California drought has brought out the succulents. I’ve seen more and more in the market place, fake and real. However, I think the beauty and striking appearance of them has attracted buyers to them rather than the fact that they are the easiest plant to care for.

• A drought resistant plant that stores water.


It is said that succulents can be grown indoors. BUT! Like any other plant there is a CHANCE that your succulent can die. It was lie. They aren’t low maintenance but definitely not impossible! I think choosing ones that will do well indoors like the Haworthias and Gastoraloes are the best idea.

Tips on planting a succulent:

• Layer a half inch of pebbles at the bottom of the container. If the container you choose has holes at the bottom then this step is unnecessary. If the container has holes at the bottom add mesh tape to the bottom.
• Add soil up to an inch below the top of the container. Succulent mix soil or even quick draining soil will do.
• Remove as much of the nursery soil as possible from the roots before repotting. Most of the nurseries add soil with too much nutrients.
• If combining different succulents, remove some of their roots to be able to fit comfortably inside the container. Make sure they are not too crowded.
• Spritz the soil lightly with water before potting. Then wait a week before watering for the first time. Then water monthly.
• Consider getting succulent food to add to the water.
• Do not give it too much sunlight, it can burn like our skin!

Next is choosing a pot, container, or terrarium. Below are some ideas.


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