Bit by the Flu Bug? We’ve Got Just the Cure.

They say that looking good is part of feeling good, but when you’re sick it’s hard to do either. Spring has sprung and with it, flu season as well? If you’re feeling under the weather, like I am, here’s a home remedy to soothe your throat and boost your immune system. 

When my mom heard me sniffling the other day, she instantly shared it with me and now I’m sharing it with you! The great thing about this home remedy? It tastes great!

 You’ll need ginger, honey, cinnamon and lemon.


Place the ginger into a mug or glass, you can steep it in a tea pot if you like, but the ginger dissolves so you can also just drink it.


Add hot water, honey, cinnamon and lemon, then stir. You can add ice to your drink after if you’d like it to be chilled, but use hot initially to melt the honey.


Try to drink this mixture three times daily to shorten the duration of your cold. Cheers to good health, beauties!

Until next Tuesday, Ashley.


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