Drugstore Makeup Haul

I’m a huge fan of drugstore makeup and when I saw Desi Perkins featuring Milani’s 2-in-1 foundation and concealer on Snapchat, I had to run to the store and get it. Unluckily for me, CVS was doing a BOGO half off sale for Milani products, so you know I wasn’t leaving the store with just one thing! Here’s my Milani haul, enjoy!

The bargain hunter that I am, I knew that stores get ya by having the half off be for the cheapest items. So I grabbed two similar priced items and I gave two to my boyfriend to buy as well. Told you I’m thrifty 😉


So yes, I went with the intention of getting a new foundation and came out with three more things. But how could I resist?! After just one use, I love all of the products I bought and I’ll share with you which one is my favorite so far. And guess what? It’s not the foundation. Oops!

This makeup provides pretty good coverage, but it’s definitely not a substitute for concealer, in my opinion. My dark circles and blemishes still waved hello to me, so I had to add a little extra coverage. It spreads easily and there are a nice range of makeup shades. The Milani Instagram is also great because they share swatches of many of their products! Some people commented that the foundation had a weird smell, but I didn’t notice anything abnormal. I would say that the scent is similar to MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. The little pump works well, beware that a generous amount of makeup emerges per pump!

This is the Milani dry face powder. I wanted to try the wet to dry powder, but the lightest color was dark! I wish I had that bronzed goddess glow, but I don’t even think that powder could suite me at my darkest. Sad face. Anyways, the powder works well. This provides buildable coverage and is pretty light weight. Also the packaging is cute!

Speaking of cute, how adorable is this blush? I can’t get over it. It’s almost too pretty to use, but I used it anyway! This color is romantic rose. There are many other colors, I almost purchased a coral blush, but this mauve goes with most everything. The color payoff is great and long-lasting, at the end of my Disneyland adventure last night, this blush was still going strong.

The best for last, I love this eyebrow kit! There are several colors, so you can accomplish your perfect brow hue. The angled brush is sharp and the other end is perfect for blending. I’m not an expert at brows, by any means, but my brows were the most “on fleek” they’ve ever been with these magic tools. I’ve only used pencils and the ELF brow kit before, but this is 293429428 times better. Buy it, now!

The CVS bogo half off ends on March 19, and next on my list is the Milani Matte Lip Creams. What Milani products are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Happy Tuesday, beauts.

Until next week, XO- Ashleysita


I’m still on the hunt for new beauty, food and lifestyle blogs to follow! Please feel free to comment with your blogs and social media tags below! I’m in between a brand makeup for myself, so please follow me on my newly updated Instagram & Twitter @AshleysitaSays!


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