In Full Bloom

Whilst at Target the other day, Revlon nail polishes called to me (amongst everything else in the store). A pretty lavender gleamed in the bottle and the clearance price tag drew me in.  With spring on the way, I knew it was the perfect time to give a pretty pastel color a try.

I combined Revlon’s “Charming,” light purple with Morgan Taylor’s “Fame Game,” and Dare to Wear’s “Hologram Diamond,” for added sparkle (because you know I love that sparkle).

I love the two sparkly accent nails- I think it adds a fun little twist. What colors are you rocking this spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Tuesday, XO- Ashley.


I’m still on the hunt for new beauty, food and lifestyle blogs to follow! Please feel free to comment with your blogs and social media tags below! I’m in between a brand makeup for myself, so please follow me on my newly updated Instagram & Twitter @AshleysitaSays! My website,, is the same for now and I just put a Mani Monday up featuring a pretty, nude polish!



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