Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

It’s that time of the year again. The “Hallmark holiday,” Singles Awareness Day, Galentine’s Day, the day of love… Valentine’s Day. Whichever way you view February 14, it’s coming and I have an easy makeup look that suits the day perfectly!
I rummaged around my makeup drawers to find the perfect shadows, which resulted in about three different palettes being used. I need a Z Palette to put all my favorites into one!

For the base, I’m experimenting with Juice Beauty’s CC Cream. It smells strongly of pine- or some sort of plant, but I like it so far! It’s refreshing that the scent is authentic and reminds me of the organic, good-for-you ingredients used.

I used my Covergirl “Ready, Set, Gorgeous,” foundation which provides buildable coverage at a fraction of the cost that the Pur Mineral Hydrafluid Foundation that I bought at Gen Beauty.

The Glamoflauge  concealer is the absolute best for coverage, although the formula is a bit oily at first. I like this because it’s easy to blend!


Ignore the fact that my makeup is done in this picture, but I used Scotch tape as a barrier for my eyeshadow and a reference point for my eyeliner. This tool makes eye makeup look particularly on point and really helps accomplish a sharp winged liner.

I started with the Lorac Pro Matte Palette, using “Bare” on my lids and “Linen” on my brow bone.

img_2295I haven’t touched my NYX Rocker Chic “Tainted Love” Palette much since I bought it, so I tested it with this look. I used the burgundy in my crease and the sheer pink on my lid.img_2296imageLooking to darken up the look a bit more, I added the metallic burgundy shadow “Amaretto” from the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette and patted “Champagne Truffle” onto my lids. img_2294

My all-time favorite eyeliner is the Wet N Wild Liquid Liner. At a whopping $4 it is easy to use, long-lasting and provides thick or thin lines. If you’re in need of waterproof liner, they make a version of it and it’s no joke.

I tried out a new eyelash glue that I received from lifestyle blogger Lauren King‘s giveaway and I love it! The brush makes it easy to apply adhesive and it dries clear. I used this to apply my Ardell Glamour Wispies. I made sure to cut the lashes to better fit my eye. I cut a little more than necessary so that I don’t have any excess strip poking the inner corner of my eyes.

imageimg_2260img_2261Finally, I applied a bit of my Essence Eyebrow Pencil and went over it with my favorite eyebrow brush. imageTo highlight my brow bone a bit more, I added the luminous white shadow from Wet N Wild’s “Walking on Eggshells” palette. imageOnce the eyeshadow was perfected, I followed my lash line with the liquid liner and used the tape as a reference point for my winged liner. I went from bottom to top and connected it back to my lash line. I let it dry a bit and then took the tape off to reveal my super sharp wing. I quickly applied the Smashbox “X-Rated” Mascara to my lower lashes and the top to bind the falsies and my lashes together.



I used the Wet N Wild “Mellow Wine” blush to give the apples of my cheeks a light flushed pink and then highlighted with my BH Cosmetics Carli Babel Palette and Luxie Fan brush.


To prevent shine in unwanted areas, I used the Pur Minerals powder under my eyes, along my t-zone and chin. I like that this powder provides buildable coverage, but that it’s sheer enough to use as a translucent setting powder.


To top the look off, I used the mauvey “Manhattan” OFRA Liquid Lipstick. Honestly, I still haven’t achieved the perfect lips with this lipstick. I thought it looked great, but once I was in the car, I realized I was a little outside of my lip lines. *Cries* And once it’s there, it’s there. There’s no fixing that lipstick. *Cries more*! The other thing about this lipstick is that it gets really dark, really fast. I tried to only dip the wand in once to achieve the color shown in the bottle- I’ve learned my lesson that the formula is highly buildable.image

So this is the look, you don’t need the exact products I used to achieve this makeup- just some burgundy shadow, a pinky toned lid, a mauve lipstick (or w/e) and your fav. makeup necessities. If you don’t have similar shadows and are looking for something budget-friendly, I recommend Wet N Wild’s “Melrose at Night” Eyeshadow Palette.

What do you think of this makeup look? I’m still on the hunt for the perfect mauvey / warm red shadow so if you know of one please let me know in the comments! And send me links to your V-day looks!

Happy Valentine’s Day loves, and if you don’t have a Valentine- don’t fret. Celebrate your friends, your family and hey- treat yo self, gurlll.

Until next week,



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