DIY Lace Bralette

Come on, you’ve seen them worn in many cute ways. Or just worn. AND in many cute forms! BUT have you considered making your own to save some money or to create them in your size?


I’m not going to lie. I have considered making my own, especially after checking out this HOW TO and searching for more on Pinterest. By the way, I am totally counting this towards yesterday’s Styles in LA- even though it was cold out!


Thank you Jodie from Wildzest for this tutorial!

Lace fabric
Lace trim
Sewing pins
Swimsuit top
Hook & eye (optional)

Sewing machine
Needle & thread

Shortened instructions by Jodie

(Optional) Fold over material for two layers.
Trace triangles using swimsuit top.
Pin together the triangles.
Sew lace trim around each triangle.
Sew long lace trim to bottom, long enough to go around your chest.
(Optional) Have enough length at the end to add hook & eye.
Add lace trim to top of triangles to create straps.
(Optional) Lastly, add hook & eye pieces to create closures.

For complete instructions including photos, visit Jodie on



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