What’s the dealio with Blog Lovin’?

Our Beauty writer Ashley has convinced me that it would be a great idea to connect That LA Writer to Blog Lovin’. She said it would be an easy way to get more traffic to the website. Before our talk I had never even heard of Blog Lovin’. Of course, before I signed us up last night I did some research.

About Blog Lovin’ via Blog Lovin’

Bloglovin launched in November 2007 with the purpose of helping anyone to read all their favorite blogs in one place. We wanted readers do this in a way that enhanced their reading experience, while at the same time sent traffic back to the bloggers they were following. Today over 25,000,000 people per month visit Bloglovin to discover inspiring content from millions of bloggers from all around the world.

Blog Lovin’ is an easy tool used to keep track of your favorite blogs. The blogs don’t even have to be associated with Blog Lovin’ for you to add them to your Following list. When you sign in all the latest posts from your favorite blogs will be in one spot for you to check them out.

The really cool part is that you don’t even read the posts on Blog Lovin’. When you click on a title that you want to read it will open up that blog post on their blog (through a Blog Lovin’ frame.) Which in turns makes it easier for you to leave comments as well.

As a reader, you can create an account to combine awesome blogs into one spot. You can browse through blogs that are already sign up on Blog Lovin’ or add them yourself.

If you are a blogger, this is pretty much a free marketing tool for your blog. Creating an account will give you a chance to gain more traffic to your blog as well as gain new readers. You can also utilize their analytics to track which posts are successful!

Blog Lovin’ also has an app so that you can bring your favorite blogs with you everywhere.

So, with thatโ€ฆ


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