DIY Dandelion Paperweight

See that yellow flowered weed that is growing in your yard? One day it’ll burst into a silly looking, white dandelion seed head. You’ll either stomp on it, cut it out, or have the same mentality as I do about them. That dandelion means something to someone like me. When I was younger I was told that they make wishes come true. Close your eyes, whisper a wish into the seeds, then blow them into the air.

As I grew older my thought process changed from making my own wishes to giving others a chance to make their own wishes. For a long time I believed that I was just wishing for myself. I then considered and accepted that once I blew out the seeds they would fly through the air, land into another yard, and grow into another weed that one day blossom into a wish-making commodity.



Photo Credit: ajari via Compfight cc

Today, if you’re a kid-at-heart like me who still believes blowing out dandelions will make your wishes come true, you will love this DIY I found on Pinterest thanks to



Vending machine capsule
A dandelion before it bursts
Small paper cups
Gloves/ Breathing mask (optional)


Let dandelion burst, takes 1-2 days.
Combine resin and catalyst into cup.
Pour mixture into capsule.
Gentle push dandelion into mixture.
Let dry.
Then pop it out.


For detailed instructions, watch the video from


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