Why Lippie Stix are My New Go-to!

Lately, beauty fanatics obsess over liquid lipsticks– Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jeffree Star, Kat Von D, Colourpop and most recently, the Kylie Jenner lip kit. One underlying problem that liquid lipsticks ultimately share is the dry, flakey sensation they often leave. While I’ve been on the liquid lip band wagon and haven’t yet hopped off, I tried something new from Colourpop and I’m lovin’ it! All aboard the lippie stix train!

I’ll admit it, I totally judged the product by it’s packaging on this one. The white plastic tubes and skinny lipsticks didn’t lure me in at first. I thought they would be difficult to apply and didn’t trust the pigmentation. Boy, was I wrong.

I have the “Vixen” collection which contains 6 lippie stixs for $30. These warm-toned lipsticks make an excellent holiday gift! They’re also great to don at holiday parties. My favorite color is the highly coveted “54” a pearlescent burgundy red with sparkles.

The packaging is beautiful and keeps lippie stix organized. It even has a little mirror inside! I love that the colors vary from neutrals to in-your-face pops of color.

These lipsticks are as moisturizing as Chapstick, long lasting, pigmented and easy to apply. I haven’t yet tried the lippie pencils, but the lippie stix make great liners themselves!

None of the colors in the “Vixen” collection are sold separately.

“Last Call” on the right and “Ruffle” on the left. I love these nudes!

While I’m still a fan of the liquid lipsticks, I have to turn to these lippie stix for everyday use. I don’t have to worry about the lipstick flaking off and my lips don’t feel dry during or after using the product.

Have you tried the lippie stix? Share your fav colors with me, because I’m on the hunt!

Until next week, XO- Ashley. divider-5I’m always looking for new beauty, food and lifestyle blogs to follow! Connect with me on Instagram (@ashleysita) or Twitter (@ashley_sita)! For more good reads, head over to AshleyRuizWrites.com


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