DIY Beer Mug Etching

Well hello there,
thanks for stopping by to check out the newest DIY. I really couldn’t decide if I should continue decoration do-it-yourselves or start some do-it-yourselves to give as presents for the month of December. For some reason I just love decorations and how easy it is to just do it at home. So, I’ve decided that this month, every Sunday, I will be posting DIY presents. ‘Tis the season to be giving and why not create your own presents. Nothing is more lovely than a homemade gift.

It is not December yet but we mind as well start with the Christmas posts. Let’s begin!

Thank you to Michelle from Detours With Michelle for this tutorial.





Glass Mugs
Mustache Stencil*
Armor Etch
Paint Sponges


Apply mustache stencil to mug, use paint sponges to add a thick layer of Armor Etch, rinse off after 10 minutes, remove stencil, then use glass cleaner to make the mugs shine.

*Any stencil can be created/used.

For full details, visit Detours With Michelle.


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