Sparkling Cran-Apple Cider

T Minus one week until the best holiday of the year is upon us. Thanksgiving, lets be honest isn’t really about giving thanks, rather, it’s about food and how much you can stuff into your body before you feel nauseas and ultimately have to nap it off. Gluttony at its finest, and you know what? Im okay with that. In fact, I’m more than okay, I love it. An entire day celebrating food is like heaven for me.cider5cider2

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider. But I say, why not make your own?! It’s super easy and sure to impress. Seriously though, it takes like two seconds and looks super awesome. And for those of us out there that need a little liquid help around the holidays, add some gin and call it a day. Really,ย it’s delicious.

Sparkling Cran-Apple Cider

64 fluid ounces cranberry apple juice
42 fluid ounces sparkling water
Fresh cranberries for garnish
Apple slices for garnish
Gin (optional)

Pour the juice and sparkling water into a pitcher or glass carafe. Add in some fresh cranberries and apple slices.


You have yourself some bomb sparkling cran-apple cider. Add in some gin for a little kick and enjoy!

If you prefer your cider on the sweeter side, try using juice from concentrate, which is basically liquid sugar.ย cider6cider3cider1


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