DIY Spooky Halloween Decorations

Happy Sunday Funday!

Hope you all have had a great day so far. The night is not over and there is still some time to create some more Halloween decorations. This week I have some simple and fairly cheap DIYs for you to try out.

Eerie Mirror from Domythic Bliss

hallow12 025

Printed image
Spray Paint

Print image
Take apart frame
Spray paint inside of glass
Use rag to make scratch marks
Let dry
Put back together

For detailed instructions, visit Domythic Bliss’ tutorial here.

Paper Mache Skull from Grim Hollow Haunt


Basic Skull
Paper mache paster (1 part water/ 1 part flour or 3/4 glue/ 1/4 water)

Use skull as base
Layer newspaper over
Let dry
Cut/ peel off
Tape back together

For detailed instructions, visit Grim Hollow Haunt’s tutorial here.

Spell & Potion Book from Better After


old books
paper towels
small plastic Halloween paraphenilia
hot glue gun
mod podge
black paint
metallic paint
paint brushes

glue plastic pieces to books
use mod podge to layer paper towels
let dry
paint black
let dry
use metallic paint for details

For detailed instructions, visit Better After’s tutorial here.


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