13 Items You Should Always Carry in Your Purse (Or Backpack)


We all remember the iconic scene from Mary Poppin’s as she pulled countless items from her magic purse. There is truth in that scene, that’s for sure- women come prepared. So whether you’re headed back to school or off to work, here’s a list of necessary goodies to toss in your own bag.

And I didn’t list any lady products, because those are a given!


Don’t Sweat It

Ever rush out of the house and remember that you forgot to put on deodorant?! That’s the worst. But with a handy travel-sized deodorant, you’ve got nothing to fear.


Freshen Up

Whether you forgot to spritz on some perfume, or you’re just looking to freshen up, rollerball perfumes are the way to go! Find your favorite scents in these convenient travel perfumes, like Pink Sugar ($20 at Kohl’s). Britney Spear’s rollerball is especially great because it’s double-sided perfume and lipgloss!


Tissue for Your Issue

You never know when you’re going to have a sneeze attack, runny nose or an accidental spill. These cute travel-size tissues will ensure you’re prepared.


Lipstick Fixes Everything

If you hit a midday slump on your appearance, toss on a coat of lipstick and you’re good to go. One of my favorites is the NYX Lip Butter because it gives the same moisture as a lip balm. For a cute travel size lipstick, grab Kat Von D’s Lip Vixen Duo: palm-sized lipstick and gloss, $18 at Sephora.


Pain Free

Cramps, headaches, earaches, etc. Advil’s got you covered.


Silence is Golden

Pop ’em in and forget about the world. You can turn on some Missy Elliot for a little pick me up or classical music if you’re busy at work and need to focus.


Emergency $20

You don’t want to be without cash if your card breaks, demagnetizes or glitches out. And while we’re not all ballin’ like Jamie Kennedy in Malibu’s Most Wanted (he stores an emergency hundred in his Coach wallet), an emergency twenty will do. The hardest part of this task is not spending it on a Starbucks Frap, but hey, sometimes that’s an emergency, right?!


Tie it Up

This is the cutest, most organized way to carry hair ties without losing them! Hair Ties are always convenient.


Clip it Back

Bobby pins are great when you need to fix your updo a bit or put a loose hair back into place. They even help with wardrobe malfunctions!


Kill the Germs

Hand sanitizer is a must. Always.


Stay Smooth

Grab a 2-for-1 deal at Bath & Body Works with a smell-good sanitizer and lotion, and leave everyone in the room drooling over the sweet scents.


Charge Up

Sometimes you use your phone more than expected and since it seems that phone batteries last all of 3 minutes at times, a quick charge helps!


Power Boost

Feeling like your own batteries running low? Combat drowsiness and hunger with a delicious granola bar or snack. My favorite is the BelVita “Brown Sugar Cinnamon” snacks, they taste like graham crackers and provide steady energy.

What’s in your purse that you can’t live without?

Bye for now, XO- Ashley (@ashleysita)



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