Full Lips without the #KylieJennerChallenge

Kevin from Spongebob

For the past few weeks, the #KylieJennerChallenge, better known as the #KylieJennerChallengeGoneWrong, has been trending on various social media outlets. Kylie’s become known for her pouty lips and participants in this challenge suction cup their lips with various objects to draw blood to the surface and create that full lip look. There are obvious dangers to this fleeting trend, pictures of bruised, damaged and cut lips have surfaced online. Although many see the challenge as a joke and parody it, there are some young girls who are doing this “challenge” because they want to emulate the reality star’s lips.

candylipzfull lips

While there are some safer lip plumping devices that have soft rubber cushions around the them to gently create a vacuum around the lips, this post is about making lips look fuller with gloss and lipstick… your lips will thank you!


#1 Cupid’s Bow

Pay special attention to the cupid’s bow at the top of the lips. I always mess this part up! But, emphasizing the little “v” on the top of the lips and the bottom sides of the lips can make lips look extra full. There are many nude lip liners that are a good tool to keep lipstick from bleeding/spreading! It’s a handy tool for nude lip colors as well. One of my favorites is Hard Candy’s Glamophlauge concealer pencil. In addition to nude lip liners, adding a touch of white eyeliner to the same areas for lips that look plump.


#2 Fill In the Blanks! 

Another technique is applying lip liner to the edges of lips and then blending it towards the center.


#3 Highlight 

While still putting emphasis on the cupid’s bow, add lip gloss specifically to the center of the lips. Both this and the above method draw attention to the center of the lips to highlight and plump your lip pout, naturally!


After a day of dousing lips with products, I moisturize with coconut oil, amongst its many uses this heavenly oil soothes irritated skin and helps rejuvenate lips. It’s a great makeup remover as well.

I hope you found these little tips helpful!

XO- Ashley (@ashleysita) untitled


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