Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is my go-to “dish to share” whenever I’m invited to a potluck for a few reasons. One, it is probably the easiest things I could make and two, it is so, so good! I make this salad with four ingredients (from Trader Joe’s of course): heirloom cherry tomatoes, marinated mozzarella balls, fresh basil and balsamic glaze.


I brought this little dish to an Easter brunch last weekend at a friends house and, needless to say, there wasn’t any left to bring home afterward. The fresh basil, the crisp tomatoes, oh and who can resist fresh mozzarella marinated in a mix of herbs? Top it off with the balsamic glaze and I could eat this all day…which I do, a lot.


It takes all of 5 seconds to make and you can snack on this salad all week, so grab a fork and dig in!


Caprese Salad

2 containers of marinated mozzarella balls from Trader Joe’s
1 carton of fresh basil from Trader Joe’s (you will only use about 1/3)
1 carton of heirloom cherry tomatoes (you will use about 1/2)
balsamic glaze

Pour 1 container of the mozzarella balls with the marinated olive oil and herbs in a large bowl. Add the second container of mozzarella balls but do not add the olive oil this time or it will have too much dressing.

Add half of the carton of tomatoes.

Remove the basil leaves from their stems and tear the leaves with your hands to get them to a smaller size then add the leaves to the mozzarella and tomato mixture.

Mix everything together and drizzle the top with balsamic glaze. Enjoy!

*you definitely don’t need to use everything form Trader Joe’s. I do because I always shop there anyway and it’s super easy to find the ingredients.




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