Bright Eyed for Spring

Saturday marked the first official day of spring, and I’m sure many of us welcomed the season with open arms. For us southern California residents, the changing seasons don’t really matter much because our weather stays relatively consistent. That’s not to say that we can’t break out those spring dresses as the temperature heats up a bit or look for that perfect shade of coral lipstick.

I’d like to share a fun trend I’ve seen for eye makeup this spring… the bolder the eye, the better!  These looks give a whole new meaning to “bright eyes!”


I love the way the yellow brings attention and brightness to her brown eyes. I even like the pink lipstick with this look. It is a bit out there for my taste, but looks great on the model. Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.22.10 AM

A great way to add a pop of color is with brightly colored eyeliner. I’m personally a fan of the bright aquas, but the bright blue is growing on me as well.


Another way to add that pop of color is using blue mascara. Cara Delevingne looks really beautiful with this look, but she’s Cara Delevingne, so that’s natural! This can be a great way to incorporate something different into your everyday makeup look without adding extra time to your routine.

As always, you want to remain balanced in your makeup- if you focus heavily on the eyes, then go with a more neutral lip color so as not to overdue the look.


I experimented with the “pop of color” eyeliner look with my new LA Girl Glide Eyeliner.

IMG_9094 (1)IMG_9092

 I used with the beautiful bright, white gold color called “champagne” and added an extra line on top of my winged eyeliner. I also added eyeliner underneath my lash line and into the inner corners of my eye as well. I definitely felt this look brightened up my makeup.My favorite shade from the LA Girls line is a bright, matte turquoise called “aquatic.” I want to try using bright liquid eyeliner, because for me the pencil eyeliners are more time consuming and smudgy than liquid liners.


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