Quick and Classy Makeup Look

So this past Sunday, I was scheduled a double at my serving job and worked about nine hours. That morning as I quickly applied my makeup, I knew I was in for a long shift so I applied my fav. makeup look!

IMG_9068 IMG_9070

This look was very simple to achieve and it lasted all day long!

To start, my all-time favorite lipsgloss: L’Oreal Infallible in 310 Crimson. 


This is a great shade of red and it stays on 12+ hours. I could go to bed with this lipgloss and wake up with it perfectly in tact. No exaggerating! It’s great for nights out or long days- it doesn’t come off on your coffee cup or flute of champagne. I’ve tried some pinks in this lipgloss, but nothing compared to this color! I will do an update blog if I find something I like more, I’m going to look at their deeper plum colors. Beyonce did some collab. colors as well, but those are a bit more rare to find.

The most important thing about this lipgloss is to do a few swipes! Multiple coats can result in a flakey lip coverage that may not last all day. The gloss and tool are easy to apply, apply one good coat and let it dry before you apply the moistening clear gloss. For the rest of the day, just dab the moistening gloss on whenever your lips feel dry and voila! You’re good to go.

Aside from this! I started with a quick swipe of the Wet N’ Wild makeup primer I discussed last week and the Wet N’ Wild Cover All foundation. Use whatever foundation is your favorite, but I suggest you try a makeup blender!


These little babies are sold everywhere and they are a great tool to have. Honestly, I bought mine at Hot Topic (strange, I know), but you can buy them most anywhere! The egg shape makes blending makeup easy as pie- from the inner corner nears your eyes to your jaw bone, the beauty blender has you covered!

I also used a Wet N’ Wild white, opaque eyeshadow to get the simple eye, bright lipped look!


I used the Wet N’ Wild Smoke and Melrose eyeshadow. I just used the “base” color which is just a nice off-white color with a minimal amount of sparkles. Use your favorite white or off-white eyeshadow as a base to hold your eyeliner on!


I topped it with a thin coat of my current favorite Wet N’ Wild Black Liquid Eyeliner. Without the wing, it lasted all day easily, but there is always liquid eyeliner for guaranteed hold! Use your favorite black eyeliner to make a straight line from the inner corners of your eyes to the outer corner, or get fancy and apply a small wing!

I applied a bronzer to define my cheekbones a bit. Use your favorite bronzer to define your cheekbones and a sheer blush to highlight the apples of your cheeks. These are the products I used: NYC BB Radiance in about a shade lighter than my actual skin and ELF Baked Blush.


To finish off the look, I defined my eyebrows with the ELF eyebrow kit.


I usually just stick the wax to define my eyebrows because it provides enough color and easily shapes the brows. However, any of your favorite brow kits will work.


After nine hours of work, this classic beauty look lasted and it took me about ten minutes to prepare this look. All of your favorite beauty products will work great, but I really encourage you to try the L’Oreal Infallible Duo Lipstick because I guarantee that you will love it!



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