Sleek and Easy Hairstyles

On a frantic morning when there’s no time to deal with the pains of taming my hair, I have a couple go-to hair styles that make me look like I’ve got it all together. (Boy, have I got ya’ll fooled. Just kidding!)

 If you’re like me, you don’t wash your hair everyday- natural oils can be good for your hair and why ruin a good thing if yesterday’s hair is still behaving?

That’s A Wrap Pony Tail 

image image

This sleek pony works great with day-old hair because it actually stays back, goodbye fly aways! Wrapping a piece of your hair around the hair tie gives a polished look that is so easy to do!

Step 1: Tie it Back

I usually rock high pony tails, but you can always turn it down a notch and lower it to suit your style.


Step 2: Take a small strand of hair from the side of your pony tail


Step 3: Take the small section of hair and wrap it around the base of the pony. Pull the sectioned hair underneath the pony tail and around the front so that it covers the hair tie.

image image image

Step 4: Take the sectioned hair and tuck it into the hair tie underneath your hair tie (so that the wrap is hidden). I usually tilt my forward so that my pony tail hair is out of my way and it’s easier to just stick the sectioned piece of hair under the elastic holder.


The remaining piece of hair will be covered by your pony tail. To complete the look you can straighten or curl your hair, or leave it au natural for a voluminous, catty look! (I know my hair tends to misbehave if I don’t do anything to it).


Option 2: You can also hide your hair tie with a small braid.

The steps are the same, but you take a slightly larger section of hair and braid it.


Again, wrap the braid underneath your pony tail and over it.

image image image

Then tuck it under the elastic of your hair tie.

image image

And voila- you’re all set!


My second go-to look is the Sock Bun. 

I’ve uploaded a quick sock bun tutorial, because it’s easier to follow than pictures. Hope you like it! And you can tell it’s my first video because I recorded it on my iPhone and the video is (gasp) vertical. My photography and radio-TV-film professors would be so disappointed… I’m sorry!!! But, you’ll get the point!

See you next week! XO- Ashley (@ashleysita)


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