National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day, so take the time to sincerely compliment someone and brighten their day. It’ll make you feel better, too!

Thank you for reading my posts. It means a lot that you take the time out of your day to read them. I truly am grateful for you reading them!

National Compliment Day was created to remind people that through giving of compliments, a positive connection with anyone will be quickly and easily achieved. Thank you Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin from New Hampshire for creating this unofficial holiday in 1998!

The Christian Broadcasting Network tells us that a great way to give a compliment is to be sincere, acknowledge their character, be authentic, and express your appreciation.

Danica Trebel from lists seven reasons why you should give a compliment to someone: it takes the focus off of you, smiling burns calories, compliments spark creativity, kindness doesn’t actually kill, sincere compliments build trust, what goes around comes around, and compliments are FREE!



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