Merry Christmas from That LA Writer!

Hey readers,

Thank you for your continuous support by reading That LA Writer!

We’d like to wish those of you who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas!

While I am Catholic and am supposed to celebrate today as a commemoration of Jesus’ birth… I feel like it has become a watered down ‘holiday’ that only benefits retailers. THIS IS MY OPINION. If it bothers you, I apologize but think about it.. it’s true. You spend hundreds of dollars each year for THINGS people WANT. You get angered over traffic, parking, long lines, other angered people, and extremely mad when you can’t find what you need to buy to make someone else happy.

Anyways, with that being said… We hope that you got what you wanted, gifted those who wanted, and are cherishing your time with your family. If you are working today, I hope that you are having an easy day and soon get to see your family and friends.

Please, be safe and responsible today.

Jessica ♡



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