A 9/11 Remembrance

9-11-memorial-museum-dedication-ceremonyThese post are always the hardest to write or even post. Simply because I believe there really is no words to describe the tragedy that struck our great nation on September 11th, 2001.

Being from Upstate New York, I was close but not close enough to be really in the heart of what was going on. I still remember the day though, just like yesterday. I was still in elementary school, I believe 4th grade. My principal’s voice rang over my head via the intercom, telling us that something horrible happened in New York City and that it was not for him or for our teachers to tell us. This was because of our close-ish proximately to NYC; many of us could of had family living or working in the city.

School basically ended after that announcement because parents started to flood in. It was like the whole world wasn’t safe anymore, especially for us children, we were all left in the dark. Thankfully, my mother was able to get off of work early and pick me and my cousin up from school, because it was turning into a ghost town. I remember us both questioning her intensely on the way home and not being able to fully understand what was happening.

We arrived home and immediately my mother turned on the television, we quickly understood everything.


Even though these post are hard to write, they must be expressed. We cannot forget that time in history or those we lost.  I sadly had a distant cousin pass away on 9/11, David M. Weiss. He was a father, husband, friend, first responder and firefighter that happened to in the North Tower on the 30th floor, when the tower collapsed. It has been said that he received a “Mayday” to evacuate, and David responded, ‘No’; because there were people on the 50th floor who needed his help.” Shortly after that radio transmission, the tower collapsed and nothing belonging to him was found in the aftermath. I sadly never met David or the family that he left behind, but the older generations of my family spoke of him.

njManHonorsFirefighter_277_417_90May he forever rest in peace as a Hero.


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