5 Unofficial Events at Disneyland


Besides the uninteresting Blackout dates for the Disneyland Select Annual pass, Disneyland has special days to offer their guests. They even hold an annual 24 hour party in the summer for some extra magic. This year it was in May.

2014 Dates:

Dapper Days are when guests come dressed in mid-20th century formal attire. September 12
For more information visit http://dapperday.com/sept-12-2014-disneyland

Gay Days are for the LGBT community and supporters. October 3-5
For more information visit http://www.gaydaysanaheim.com/GDA/

Star Wars Day is for the Star Wars and George Lucas fans. (Passed) June 22
For more information visit http://www.starwarsdisneyland.com

Harry Potter Day is for fans to come dressed up. November 2
For more information visit http://www.potterday.org

Raver Day is for the respectful ravers to get together. December 6th
For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/events/713625458696487/


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