Spicy Chickpeas

I never used to like spicy food growing up. What can I say? I was a baby. Times have changed and so have my taste buds because now I can’t get enough. Eggs, soup, ice cream, bring on the spice! Kidding about the ice cream…or am I? (more…)



Around my house (and probably yours, too), the solution for everything is simple. Coconut oil. So, what two ingredients are key in this DIY face wash, you ask?



Coconut Cream Nectarines

As I’m sure most of you know by now, I LOVE sugar. Always have, always will. At one point in my life I decided to be a vegetarian, but really only ate candy and obvi Las Golondrinas chips and salsa. (more…)


How To: Smokey Winged Liner

From one makeup lover to another, I’m sure you feel my struggle when I say: I’m addicted to eyeliner. I typically wear eyeliner everyday and when I don’t my eyes just seem so sleepy and…naked. I’ve been using the Sephora Liquid Eyeliner and I do have to say that sometimes my look goes horribly wrong and it just looks too dark and overpowering.

Recently, Kylie Jenner shared a Snapchat post illustrating her “daily” eye makeup look composed of neutral earthy browns and a subtle, smokey wing. I was in love. If you missed it and are curious, here’s a brief recap!



Eggplant Shakshuka

Ahh shakshuka! This has to be one of my favorite breakfast foods and it’s something that I only recently discovered. Shakshuka is a traditional Israeli dish consisting (mostly) of tomatoes and eggs and oh how delicious it is! In an effort to incorporate more vegetables, I added in some of my left over marinated eggplant from last week and yum! (more…)


Take this Beauty Survey! 

Remember MySpace surveys? Copying and pasting endless quiz questions into bulletins for your Top 8 to read?! Ah, memories.

Today’s post is a bit of a throwback Tuesday with a survey all about… you guessed it, makeup!



Marinated Eggplant

I used to really hate eggplant, simply because I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to cook it. I followed recipe after recipe and still it would come out hard and chewy…the furthest thing from appetizing. I have, however, finally figured out how to make eggplant the mouthwatering thing that it is: marinate it. (more…)


I Tried Cheap Ways to Cover Roots (So You Don’t Have To)

I remember in fourth grade when I so desperately wanted chunky caramel brown highlights in my hair. Luckily, my mother refused to let me look like a smushed Twix bar. Flash forward fourteen years and here I am, forced to dye my hair to cover clusters of stubborn grays. And, let me tell you, dying your hair isn’t as fun as it seemed. For one obvious reason, that sh*t is expensive! As a cheaper alternative between salon visits, I experimented with two touch-up methods and, well, you’ll see…



Summer Peach Salad

Is anyone else just loving the peaches this year?! I have not been able to stop eating them, and for good reason. These juicy, plump beauties are perfect in just about any summer snack, especially this summer peach salad. (more…)


Summer Sunset Eyeshadow Look

It’s been months and I’m still stuck on that Shaaanxo Palette. Am I alone in this?!

Also, did anyone else notice the packaging similarities between the Shan Palette & the Kyshadows that sold out in one minute, today?

We have another chance for that on Friday, ladies, but that’s another blog post. For today, I’ll focus on this golden summer look I created last week.