Make Your Dreams Come True Day

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Yes, another unofficial holiday.
However, I think you should consider celebrating this one. I don’t mean in a tradition sense- with a party. To celebrate today, write down some small goals that will lead up to making your dreams come true. Here are mine:

1. Get a job to pay off credit cards
2. Pay off Credit Card #1
3. Pay off Credit Card #2
4. Pay off Credit Card #3
5. Look for specific job to become career
6. Continue to pay student loans
7. Buy first car
8. Get apartment (or consider a home in La Vegas)
9. Make job a career that will utilize both degrees
10. Travel the world

My biggest dream is to travel the world. With these small steps, once day I will have an amazing career that will let me travel the world. Til then, I have bills to pay… (I was a bad girl to have taken out 3 credit cards.)

Song of the Day: The Fire – Kina Grannis

The Fire – Kina Grannis (Official Lyric Video)

Official Website:

Also, check out her mashup with MAX

“The Fire” / “Darling” Mashup – Kina Grannis & MAX




First off, I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year! New Year’s was especially exciting for me because it was my first year in California.

Days before the holiday I decided to research NYE events in Los Angeles. I quickly decided on going to DTLA for drinks and visiting the block party at Grand Park with some friends.

Sadly, the block party was alcohol free even though it looked like a miniature festival. To say the least, we left quickly for the nearest bar. I mean, c’mon who doesn’t want a glass of champagne for the impending New Year?

Down the street, we found a vintage hotel bar with overpriced drinks. I wish I could remember the name. Anyway, they made me a delicious and strong Hibiscus gin drink.

My favorite part of the night was at midnight, of course. We rang in the New Year on top of my friend’s apartment building. The view was amazing, and we could see Grand Park’s countdown from the roof. We spilt a bottle of Champagne and rang in the New Year right.

In addition, shout out to LA Metro, thanks for the free metro rides after 9pm.

Happy New Year!