DIY: Crayola Pumpkin

Hi everyone!

The other day I created my first Pinterest DIY project: Crayola Pumpkin

CRAYOLA crayons
Blow dryer/ lighter
Scissors (optional)
Hot glue

photo 1

I definitely recommend buying the brand Crayola because I bought Dollar Tree crayons and they didn’t melt with the blow dryer. Also, a glue gun is not shown in the first picture because when I started I didn’t that a blow dyer would blow off small bits of crayons off the pumpkin…

First step would be to put down some newspaper because it gets a little messy.
Break apart the crayons (if you have a small pumpkin) and glue them to the pumpkin (if using a hair dryer).

photo 2

If you’re not using a hair dryer, then you can use scissors to grip the pieces of crayon while you burn the ends with a lighter. I ended up using the lighter to melt the non-Crayola crayons and then took a dark purple Crayola crayon and a silver Crayola crayon from my niece to finish the job.

photo 3

It was quick and easy (with the lighter) and didn’t involve getting dirty from the pumpkin guts.

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