DIY Sequin Pillow

Check out this super cute sequin pillow tutorial from!


Sequin ribbon
Tacky Glue

1. Use the pencil to trace the design you want on the pillow
2. Trace the pencil drawing with glue
3. Gently lay the ribbon on the glue
4. Glue the ends of the ribbon down
5. Let the glue dry (of course!)

Enjoy! ♡

National Compliment Day

Today is National Compliment Day, so take the time to sincerely compliment someone and brighten their day. It’ll make you feel better, too!

Thank you for reading my posts. It means a lot that you take the time out of your day to read them. I truly am grateful for you reading them!

National Compliment Day was created to remind people that through giving of compliments, a positive connection with anyone will be quickly and easily achieved. Thank you Debby Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin from New Hampshire for creating this unofficial holiday in 1998!

The Christian Broadcasting Network tells us that a great way to give a compliment is to be sincere, acknowledge their character, be authentic, and express your appreciation.

Danica Trebel from lists seven reasons why you should give a compliment to someone: it takes the focus off of you, smiling burns calories, compliments spark creativity, kindness doesn’t actually kill, sincere compliments build trust, what goes around comes around, and compliments are FREE!

Saturday Styles in LA 1/24

Today is going to be a WARM 80 degrees!

Check out this super cute outfit from the amazing Steffy, who lives in New York.


Overalls + cat shirt + glasses + hat = super adorable!

Follow her blog and peep her super adorable fashion on!

Song of the Day: Husman- Exodus

Song of the Day: Tove Lo- Talking Body

Song of the Day: Pegboard Nerds- Kanye West x Jennifer Lawrence (remix)

National Hugging Day

Come on, I know you like my silly unofficial holidays!
Today is National Hugging Day and I know you want to celebrate it!

Let me start- here is a cyber hug from me to you!


National Hugging Day was started in 1986 by Kevin Zaborney in Michigan. It is recognized as a day to encourage hugging amongst friends and family. If you want to hug a stranger, ask first! provides some ideas on how to celebrate today: create a hugging chain, hold a hug-a-thon, break the guiness world record for hugging, or substitute hand shaking for hugging.

They also have some different forms of hugging for you to choose from: Back to Front Hug, Bear Hug, the Cheek Hug, the Side to Side Huge, and the Heart Centered Hug. Visit their website to read about the different hugs!

Fun Facts about HUGS ♡

• It is recommended that EIGHT hugs a day will make you happier

• Hugs can lower the risk of heart disease, can reduce stress, fight fatigue, boost your immune system, fight infections, and ease depression.

• The average person spends an hour a month hugging

IQ development is delayed in children who do not receive hugs

• A brief hug with a romantic partner is equivalent to 10 minutes of hand holding

• People crave 13 hugs a day- but don’t always receive them

• A hug normally lasts 9.5 seconds

• Hugs teach us how to give and receive

• Hugging relaxes muscles

• Hugs connect you with your heart and your feelings

So, with that being said- hug someone today!
Share the love and the happiness.
Happy National Hugging Day ♡