Song of the Day: The Fire – Kina Grannis

The Fire – Kina Grannis (Official Lyric Video) KINA GRANNISFacebook: Website: http://www.kinagrannis.comInstagram: Also, check out her mashup with MAX “The Fire” / “Darling” Mashup – Kina Grannis & MAX  


Beige Beauty

Rag Bone sheer white tank top Donna karan blazer $3.37 – Fresh Made shorts $35 – Tan shoes $82 – Stainless steel watch Chanel pendant AllSaints silk shawl Jeckerson dark brown leather belt $140 – Gabriella Rocha heart glasses


Five Uses for Coconut Oil

1. Cooking Cooking with coconut oil gives food a wonderful coconut flavor. The oil also has a high burning point, which is perfect for cooking in a pan.   2. Oil Pulling Coconut oil kills odor-causing bacteria in the mouth while also removing stains and plaque from teeth.   3. Makeup Remover Coconut oil is…