Song of the Day: Iggy Azalea – Impossible Is Nothing

Song of the Day: Mitis – Innocent Discretion

Song of the Day: Adara & the Spacies – Lighting Up The Night

DIY Yard Twister

So, I found this to be super awesome and wanted to share it. I found it on Pinterest with no legit instructions but from the picture it should be pretty simple. It’d be a great activity for any kind of party!


Spray paint- green, blue, yellow, red

1. Draw a circle onto the bottom of the box and cut it out.
2. Use the box as a stencil to create the Twister circles in the grass with spray paint.
3. Use the circle that you cut out from the box as the spinner.

-Pinterest link-

Have fun!

Ps. Please tag us on Instagram (@thatLAwriter) if you do it. We want to see how much fun you had ♡

Saturday Styles in LA 3/14

Today I thought would be great day to post a casual night out outfit. Like a walk down Venice beach then hit the boardwalk on the Santa Monica Pier kind of outfit. Something you can totally wear to dip your toes in the sand, sit for a henna tattoo, shop, eat, and ride the boardwalk roller coaster in.

So this outfit is from

003 (4)_crop

What a babe, right!?

A cute military jacket with a solid color shirt, cropped pants, and flats. What do you think?

Friday the 13th, again

Happy Friday the 13th, again. We forgot to post about it last month but since it’s back again… I guess we can talk about it now. Also, don’t forget that it won’t be back again until November!

Well… for those of you who are superstitious and believe in today. I wish you good luck. To all else, go get a Friday the 13th Tattoo! I am! Check mine out on my Instagram @_jessiiikuhh ♡

Did you know that being afraid of the number 13 has a name? It’s triskadekaphobia. If you’re afraid of Friday the 13th you have paraskevidekatriaphobia!


DIY Paper Star Lanterns

O M G this is super adorable.


Check out the full tutorial on!
(She even has the PDFs to make this!)